Speech/Speaking, Communication

The human voice is the result of the harmony between physical, mental and emotional aspects. A thorough knowledge of correct breathing, a free-flowing voice and the authenticity of the gestures they produce provide the foundations for the combination of practical techniques. They are the expressive force that makes our speech natural, convincing, and meaningful. The method is highly effective in professional and everyday communication because knowing our own voice is a wonderful key not only to unlocking ourselves but also others, and also serves development.

Singing, musical instruments

When breathing is forced, the body tenses up, the air does not fill the entire space available in the body, so the resonance of the sound is lost because there is not enough air to fill and the resonant cavities. The method liberates the singing voice and the inner musical voice from mental, emotional and physical tensions, so that the knowledge of our own voice becomes a key to ourselves, to our authentic, natural way of self-expression.

Loose/Relaxed, liberated movement

Throughout our lives, suppression and fears limit our free breathing, causing the body to constrict. Muscle tensions, triggered by negative emotions and blocks (escaping from a known situation or feeling that resulted in failure), repeatedly induce (producing stress hormones) the development of neural pathways that are reinforced by every experience of failure. The body becomes more tense, muscles become tighter, inhale and exhale become forced, and the amount of air taken in decreases, often leading to feelings of suffocation, rapid fatigue and exhaustion. The more we interfere with the body’s natural process (breathing is an unconditional reflex), the more we restrict and force it, causing our movement to lose its authentic, relaxed, instinctive function.

A balanced, healthy lifestyle

The human voice is the physical manifestation of mental and emotional repressions and fears that are magnified in the singing voice. These are caused by society, upbringing and stressful situations that fundamentally affect voice production (e.g. social attitudes that vary according to ethnic origin, family background, religion and other affiliations, the conscious or unconscious imitation of the voice of parents and other ancestors, relatives, picking up and following patterns, excessive pressure to conform, lack of praise, feelings of guilt, fears of punishment, comparison, competition, failure, success, recognition, of being known or unknown, traumatic experiences and their effects, etc. Just as our voice, our natural breathing is affected and limited by these blocks. When we are liberated on an emotional and physical level, in addition to the mental plane, our daily lives become balanced, peaceful, calm and healthy.

„I don’t know how to do.
Anything. „Things”.
Occasionally it succeeds (more than a few times)
– But, how shall I put it? it’s  n o t  me.
An instrument should not be proud of the music.”

Ákos Fodor, Hungarian poet


Recognising and overcoming your limitations through your voice – a science-based methodology. Find your body’s resonance, which is nothing less than the harmony of health. Experience surprising new abilities within yourself. Become capable of anything, because there is no limit to development. How far will you ride the roller coaster between the highs and lows of your life? Hear the miracle, and you will change yourself, and the world around you.

Soundfulness. The harmony of development

„Every sound is a world – every person is a world”


Bence Nádas, World and European champion kayaker

„It was a huge help that Zsófi taught me how to be present in the moment, and it also meant a lot to learn during the lessons together how to breathe in a way that I fully utilize my lungs.

By the way, I also managed to find my voice while working together. One of the other nice benefits was that while kayaking I can now let go of muscles I don’t use. There is no unnecessary tension in my neck or jaw.”


Eszter Finszter, singer (Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music)

„I got to know Zsófi’s method a few months ago. My singing teacher sent me to her to help me release the inner tensions that prevented me from being myself on stage. I had a terrible shortness of breath and a pressure to conform, so I couldn’t perform naturally in any area. After a few sessions, I stopped taking allergy medication because I was getting better at breathing. I have not needed it since.

Her method focuses on breathing and sound production, but not in the traditional, familiar sense. We don’t have to sing beautifully with her, but simply from the heart. Which is often not beautiful. But that’s the point, to let what’s inside us in the moment, what we feel, flow freely out of us. The exercises, which are mostly done on a flexible rubber ball, not only help us to relax physically and find our own voice, but also develop us mentally. Thanks to her, I am much more balanced and better able to handle stressful situations. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to perform recently and my first ever job interview was a success. A year ago this would have been unthinkable for me. The kindness, patience and energy she emits is recharging, healing, relaxing and helps you find yourself and your own voice.”

Viki Lábas – singer of Margaret Island (Hungarian Music group)

„After 12 years of pop singing school, 4 years of classical singing lessons and 8 years of singing in an active band, I started to feel that the constrictions I had picked up over the years were beginning to inhibit me and I didn’t want to lose my original voice – and myself. So I turned to Zsófi. After the first lesson, I realised how much I had hardened myself on the outside and that my breathing was not stable, so I urgently needed to change if I wanted to continue singing on stage.

It felt really good not to sing in class, but to get back to myself, to my own natural voice, to speak in my body. Zsófi is a very radiant, open person, who you can trust. I left the first session with a smile and a lighter spirit and this was just the beginning, I feel that Zsófi’s knowledge gives people wings and as soon as we can let go, not only our voice will fly but also our everyday burdens fly away.”

Dr. Zsófia Onyestyák – paediatrician

„I went to Zsófi for help with polyarthritis, which did not improve with medication. I was a bit sceptical because on the one hand I can’t sing and I don’t like singing, and on the other hand, being a doctor, I believe more in evidence-based medicine. The first surprise was when, despite a lifetime of being told “I had no voice,” I could sing almost everything back perfectly, I just had to let go.  After only half an hour, I was transformed, I felt weights weighing a ton falling off me, the circulation in my limbs started to improve and the pain was reduced. After three weeks of treatment, I was able to stop taking all my medications for inflammation. Zsófi’s method is far from being just about singing, it is a complex breathing, psycho- and manual therapy that works on the whole body by activating self-healing processes; it also helps learning to let go. I highly recommend it to anyone who is under increased stress, has breathing problems, faces chronic illness, life situation obstacles, unresolved issues, or just wants to feel like they are on the stage of La Scala in Milan!”

The human voice is the result of physical, mental and emotional harmony. The combination of practical techniques is based on a thorough knowledge of correct breathing, a free-flowing voice and the authenticity of the gestures they produce. They determine the expressive power that makes communication natural, convincing, and meaningful. Knowing our own voice is therefore a key to ourselves, to others and to our complex development. Amongst other things, it enhances performance (artistic, sport and personal), has a major impact on health (e.g. it reduces acidosis, stress, it has positive effects on respiratory diseases, on physical condition, etc.), liberates the voice and the speaking voice from mental, emotional and physical tensions, and is therefore highly effective in professional and everyday communication…

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Who do we suggest the Soundfulness method for?


– to develop the singing and speaking voice

    – for performers

– singers – classical and popular music

               – actors

               – dancers

– (top-level) athletes

– individual and team sports

               – martial arts, combat sports

               – rowing, kayak, canoe

               – shooting

               – water polo

               – racquet sports

               – ball games

– for people working in the field of communication

               – media and marketing professionals

               – heads of companies

               – sales persons

– doctors

– ear, nose and throat specialists, audiologists

– paediatricians

– anyone who wants to breathe and live freely and without tension

What else does it develop?


– Concentration, focus

               – in learning

               – at work

               – in everyday life

– awareness

 – being in the moment

– confidence

   „Wanting”/desiring versus letting go

– anxiety, block release, depression, hypochondria, etc.


– experiencing and releasing emotions

– releasing fears and anxieties

– releasing childhood traumas, moving past

– balance

– quality of relationships with others (family, co-workers, everyday relationships, co-ordinated or hierarchical relationships)

– relationship with self, self-image

– personal life, peer relationships

    – femininity / masculinity / gender roles

    – sexuality

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